The purpose learn a little about me and my work. Maybe to buy and embrace my art.

unknown and strange

Petra K. Furniss-Lober

Born in 1964 in Berlin, married and lived since 2022 in a “Chocolate Box” village in CW of France.

A concept for me is extremely emotional; freedom of the imagination, the interpretation of perspectives and realisation of viewpoints, observations made in life along with relative design.

The fascination lies in blue as well as the transformation; the process of creating a picture.

My artistic background encompasses aspects characterised by professional training as a technical draughtswoman (1981), academic studies becoming a teacher of art (teaching college studies, 1986), university studies in 2001 in the field of general art education and organisational development. In addition to this, I took specialist training in the field of human resources and development (2007).

In the forthcoming months, I intend on providing classes based on your personal needs. A facilitator for beginners. I have been working as a freelance artist since 2019.

Main focus

Landscape painting, seascapes, water paintings and waves. Recently, many pond scenes and smaller abstract portraits to include own picture collages and poetry by the illustrations with photos as an added bonus. In 2021 a commission to illustrate a book cover was submitted to me.


Watercolour, oil painting, crayons, chalk, pastel, acrylic and mixed concepts.

Preferred formats

Between A3 and A5; using a variety of textures including cotton paper, khadi, hardboard, paperboard, aquarelle (250g/425g) and other types of base as a challenge.

To purchase the originals or prints on request, a payment of the agreed price, exclusively by an IBAN, plus shipping tax, dispatched to your chosen address.

The works are sold unframed.

(If you want this, it can be organised through a local professional framer before dispatch. This needs to be requested since the price will change. It will be added separately to the sale.)

Buyers and interested parties have already acquired such works.  International over Canada, USA, Greece, Iran, Israel, France, and Germany.

Exhibition in July 2023 in Saint-Auvent, at the Château de Saint-Auvent and permanent exhibition Rue de le Chemin des escoliers, in Saint-Auvent.